Shipping Services

Грузчики для переезда


Where the question has arisen before you of the need for loading and unloading, lifting or disembarking of various types of goods, assembly and/or cleaning of furniture, transport and packages, the INC will assist you in its decision. You can always order cargo services in Moscow at optimal cost.

Here's a brief list of the possibilities of our staff:

  • Standard works - they should be understood to mean the transport, recovery or downsizing, loading or unloading of goods not exceeding 100 kg mass. (e.g. storage, household handling or printing). The value of these works is 200-250 roubles/hours (depending on the complexity of the case, you will be able to obtain the exact data from us) the work of one cargoer.
  • The transfer of piano, safes and other heavy and far-marked goods to us is not a problem. Trucks are equipped with pelagic equipment, enabling them to work with large weights.
  • Furnishing and cleaning. There are also professional compendiums on our team equipped with all the necessary tools to clean up any furniture. The hour of work of one collector is 350 roubles.
  • Packaging and/or marking. In most cases, when moving, the property being transported needs protection, any contact with the vehicle or with the doorway can leave traces on your belongings. This procedure is free if you provide packaging material. In return, we order the delivery of the materials to you, and ultimately you pay only the amount of the package you need, the rest of us will be deducted from the cargo order.
  • Many factors can be included in the list of our benefits, but one of them, the most important of all, will preach a separate approach to each partner.
  • We don't have any additional allowances for which other companies report to their clients after work has ended. Only full price transparency and a desire for partnership!

Order cargo services In Moscow, you will be able to find a detailed description in our prices or contact us in a manner that is convenient to you.

Service cost

With a mass of up to 20 kg.
1st floor250** roubles/h
hand lift*25 roubles.
free floors
With a mass of 20 to 70 kg of cargo.
275-300 roubles/h
manual lift45 roubles.
With a mass of over 70 kg.
350 roubles/hour
100 roubles.

* If there's an elevator, there's a flat rate.

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