Spb Cargo Services

Goods of any weight and size

Transport is important in the organization of freight transport, but the role of cargo is equally important. The knowledge and skills of those who raise and convert your things depend on 90% of their safety. We will solve any task related to the movement of large or heavy objects!

  • Emergency call 15 minutes
  • Work of any complexity
  • Experience
  • Prices - 799 roubles

What can we do?

  • Work with goods of any weight and size
  • Occupational packing
  • Loading of any complexity
  • Let's go to the floor and down the stairs.
  • Getting things inside the room.
  • Office of Transport Machinery

Services - 24/7

We work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week! The trucks will come when you're comfortable, tonight after work, early morning, weekend or even holiday.

Free package

Large objects need special care. If necessary, the cargoes will not only bring packing materials with them, but they will pack all things free!

Goods + transport

You can always order the services of the cargoes without the rental of the cargo transport, for example, to make the house re-entry or lift the building brushes down the stairs. If things need to be moved from one address to another, we'll get a car with the driver.


Our prices are available to everyone. In order to save the services of the cargoes, use the current proposal to inform the operator when ordered.

How do I get the order?

Just call us on the phone for the order.

The operator will answer any of your questions, calculate the cost of services and recommend a profitable action. You want to call? Order the call back or fill out the order form on the website on your own.

Methods of payment

  • Cash money
  • Bank charts
  • Unpaid calculation
  • Electronic money
  • Bank Terminals
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