Distribution Of Furniture At Relocation

Сборка мебелиWe'll do the sweep, the apartment move and the subsequent collection of furniture in one day. Real savings!

Our company offers a professional service for the collection and collection of furniture to organizations and individuals. The cleaning of furniture is necessary for, repair or relocation. We have no connection to the cost of services, the cost of furniture. In calculating the cost of work, you will not hear the word " price of... " from us. We will always offer you a specific, real and affordable price for cleaning and collecting furniture, with the volume of work we understand.

Dilution, packaging and assembly costs

The value of packaging materials is not included in the cost of packing furniture

The company collectors will come to you as soon as possible, and they'll professionally clear and collect everything necessary: closet, hull furniture, come in, furniture walls, office furniture. Our prices are the lowest in Moscow. There's a permanent service. Price.

Furnishers - company gold

Our company ' s Furniture Collection services are always performed only by professional collectors. The furniture collector, in addition to the skills and tools, must have special personal qualities, such as carefulness and consistency.

Our collectors are well equipped and trained. One of the collectors is appointed by the senior commissioner. The cleaning of furniture with its subsequent packaging shall be based on the requirements of the customer for its transport and assembly and shall be subject to the following characteristics:

  1. The range of transport;
  2. Type and load capacity a/ machines;
  3. Times of year.

The company ' s strategy is based on the interchangeability and universality of all relocation specialists.

The company ' s collectors perform the collection and collection of furniture, taking into account all the requirements and features of the service.

The interchangeability of all staff allows for the effective use of their capabilities. Their earnings are determined not by the high price of our services, but by the daily employment and the high volume of work performed. That's why we can offer you such low-cost cleaning services.

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