Removal Package

Купить коробки из картона, архивный коробHit!


This homophorobic is used for the packaging of books, dishes, gifts, disks, household appliances (chain, toaster, phen, etc.) and other household pet.


This cage bag is checked by the time and millions of people that used it. People call it "bowl," "bice bag" or "the occupier's dream." The bag is 82, 5 litre. She's very fit, and she'll be a great assistant for the shipment of personal property.

Dimension: 1 metre

Use the WFP (air bubble or plumbing film) to protect the furniture, equipment, monitors, surfaces, dishes, glass. The air bubble (bubble) is the fastest and most effective material for the protection of the goods carried or stored.

Dimension: 1 wheel. 200 metres

Stretch is used to protect against dust, as well as to connect obsessive or long items, such as soft toys, domestic branches.

Dimension: 1 wheel. 50 metres

The glue (little) ribbon or spark-- the scotch has long and densely entered the bypass, used everywhere, at home and at work, at rest and in the workplace. He is an indispensable assistant in any household or office.

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