Resettlement Of Saint Petersburg

You moving?

We'll help!

Relocating to a new house is a troubled and difficult thing. Gruzovichkoff will be happy to take care of you!

  • The exact calculation and the fixed price: just tell the operator your things, and tell us about the characteristics of your entry and location of your apartment, our welcoming and polite staff will make an accurate calculation. Which means you'll know the amount of the shipment, and it won't change.
  • All included: " Gruzovčkof " offers various packages designed for any budget: with goods before the extended proposal, which includes all necessary packaging materials, furniture collection and placement and garbage disposal.
  • Quality assurance and liability: The goods we accept are insured against any damage. Reliable packaging, fast-track drivers and cargoes - Gruzovichkoff will make sure that your cargo reaches the destination without any damage.
  • You can order transport at any time of the day. GrozovichkoF operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and without holidays. The order can be made both in advance and on the same day. We've got the most diverse car park and any car can come to you in 15 minutes.
  • Available prices and special proposals: We have been holding prices at a low and attractive level for 10 years. We always have shares and special proposals that can be found by operators or on the website.

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