Relocation Of The Office To The Key

Removal in Moscow

The office move is totally normal for any company. Owing to changes in the market situation or management actions, the number of staff members may change, compelling them to find a larger location or, on the contrary, smaller. There are other reasons: building their own building, wanting to get closer to customers, etc. Regardless of the relocation of the Moscow office, the operation should be carried out as quickly as possible in order to avoid major financial losses and to withdraw customers to competitors. If you want to make an office move low and fast, come to us!

Our benefits.

  • Bigest car park

    Largest number of test vehicles and drivers online

  • 100 per cent guarantee of cargo

    We're responsible for keeping your cargo safe, because the order is in our system.

  • Real time and money savings

    Good tariffs and the absence of hidden commissions. No more than five minutes to order.

  • Timely transport

    When the car is late, this shipment is paid entirely at the expense of our company.

  • Online cargo transport system

    Modified electronic record-keeping, online tracking of cargo on a map in a personal office, order history, annex android, iphone.

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