Relocating The Office To The Key

1022At a time when a company or individual businessman has a need to remove an office in Moscow at low cost, the task of moving the office at a cost acceptable to the company ' s budget is necessarily necessary. MaxMoving is the instrument you need to address any problems related to the relocation of office and other commercial spaces.

How to order an office move in Moscow

Full professional advice and details of relocation tariffs and pricing formulas can be obtained from our managers on a single telephone in Moscow.

The relocation of the office in modern megapolis like Moscow is difficult to call a trivial task. Any customer wants to move quickly, his own time has not been lost, all the property has moved to a new address without interference or accidents. Of course, no single thing should be lost or damaged. At the same time, it is desirable that the cost of moving remain reasonable without undermining the strict budget of the enterprise.

The main criteria for the efficiency of moving the office in such a situation naturally are the clarity, accuracy and speed of all necessary work. These figures should be at such a height as to allow the employees of the moving company to return to normal employment rates as soon as possible in the new business office.

All this requires a muving firm of a certain level of professionalism and managerial talent. Not everyone who today handles transport and relocation has sufficient capacity and qualifications. However, this class ' s commercial muving services are currently available only to an organized team of major specialists. And we are proud that MaxMoving(TM) ' s floating company belongs to these few elected professionals. And that's not empty words.

How much is the office move in Moscow?

General office cost moving Of the three components, it is staff bulbs, vehicles and bulbs, and the type of packaging material used at the relocation. The pace of relocation is unique and requires careful processing to take into account all the nuances and customer wishes.

Our company can offer its customers two ways to calculate the cost of moving the office:

  1. hourly payment - 1250 p/h
  2. Fixed payment . - 790 p/m3

During the years of active activity, the MaxMoving team carried out 4,816 office relocation projects in Moscow and Moscow, which totalled 4,94855 m3.

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