Professional Relocation

Many clients prefer high-level moves like this is a vip move from our company. You're moving into your dream apartment, and you want your joy not to be disturbed? We'll make a vip of the shipment of your property for the hours. Our company only employs highly skilled staff with extensive experience. They'll take care of your stuff. UK Oberon staff have experience with antiquities and other valuable items. Their integrity is the responsibility of UK Oberon.

UK Oberon is moving professionally. The company ' s specialists will prepare a detailed plan and implement it in stages. It'll spare you the extra headache that's inevitable at the usual move. You won't have to come in contact with all the personnel, you'll only have to talk to the manager of CC Oberon and make it. Professional relocation contract♪ His writing is keeping you from unpleasant thoughts about the security of your property. SK Oberon's technicians treat your things carefully and carefully. Detailed

Furniture packed at relocation

Упаковка мебели при переезде

UK Oberon pays special attention to the handling and packaging of furniture and other household items. Because the quality of the package depends on the safety of your things. All company staff receive excellent training and upgrade their qualifications annually. SC Oberon has the most modern packaging materials and cars specially designed for the carriage of goods equipped with additional anchorages and belts for the sound recording of the goods. Every box of your things is always marked, it helps to avoid losing things. Thus, relocation package things won't be your headache.

Materials moving packages consider: scotch, powder, cardboard boxes, scream film, polyethylene bags and films, and a lot of other.

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