Removal Of Furniture Collection

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ProfiPérezédérez offers quality muving services in Moscow. We have everything we need to ensure that your assets are transported promptly and safely.

The Furniture Collection and Furniture Service is available on this page. This service is popular among private customers and corporate clients. Our staff will help save time and strength.

Work is carried out in several stages:

  • Planning;
  • Dilution, packaging and loading;
  • Furniture collection at the facility.

Every process we trust only professionals with years of experience. This ensures a high quality of performance of all mandated tasks.

How do you calculate the cost of moving?

Distribution and collection of furniture during relocation: work characteristics

The collection and collection of furniture at the relocation may take a long time from an inexperienced person. The following problems have to be encountered:

  • It's complicated. Some items are collected through non-standard details, which require special tools. It is stored in the furniture assembly kit, but most often the tools are lost and it is very difficult to find in the house;
  • Lack of experience. Furniture collection may appear to be a simple exercise, and in fact there are many ambiguities in the process. For example, which parts are inseparable and which can be dismantled from where to start the operation, etc.;
  • Additional details. In most cases, when moving to a new location, there are " unnecessary " details of the closet, carcases, kitchen garrith. It's not easy to collect a piece of paper in the course of action, to retrieve it.
  • problems with the perpetrators. If furniture is to be cleaned up moving officeit's hard to find who's gonna take it. Officials do not wish to perform work that is outside their competence.

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