Quarterly Move Perm

Квартирный переезд

Quarterly move to Permi is a very frequent phenomenon. The developing Ural Industrial Centre attracts new minds from all over Russia, so the transport of goods to and from the city, as well as the transport of goods and furniture, when housing is changed, is very demanding. Of course, responsible questions such as the delivery of furniture, household equipment to the new apartment are better addressed through transport companies that will facilitate the rapid relocation, provide the customer with a high-capacity vehicle fleet, and offer services from highly professional logistics, freight forwarders, truckers and drivers.

Choice of truck

In order to move things to a new place of residence, it is important to obtain vehicles that meet all customer requirements. It goes without saying that the car must be clean and correct. But the main requirement would be to match the size of the vehicle to the dimensions and tonnage of the goods carried. For the transport of goods, appliances and furniture in the Peri, the following trucks are the best:

  • Truck taxi, helmet, small cargo vehicles (up to 1 tons) can carry small cargo.
  • Genuine Gazelle is a light transport mode for moving with a small number of furniture (up to 1, 5 tons).
  • Long-distance Gazelle can transport non-gabarity cargoes (e.g. long closet or couch)
  • ZIL-Builk is used for most of the traffic across town and beyond. Makes up to 3 tons of cargo.
  • Manili Mercedes is a powerful species to move the congestion flat to 5 tons. The hydrobureth allows for rapid and reliable shipments.

Prices for transport companies

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