Transfer To Another Apartment

ПЕРЕЕЗД в другую квартиру

At this time, even though there is a shortage of housing, few people are born and dying in the same house. Most people move into a new apartment at least once in their lives. This is most common when young people create a new family and leave their parental home.

Moving to a new house or apartment is one of the most important things in human life. And the way you set up a new house and the relationship with it will depend on what intentions you will shape the energy field at home and what it will be, on your future life. When you set up a new house, you're putting in place an energy base that will evolve a year from year to year and determine your life throughout your house.

With the help of the Fenshaw, it can be done correctly and with purpose. It will benefit not only those who have decided to " let the roots " , but all those who have mobility and frequent changes of residence have become necessary and a life style.

The first step in moving is to decide that you need to change your apartment. At this stage, we need to be particularly careful and cautious, because our emotional and energy connections to the house are very strong, and when we decide to move, some of our energy starts to move into the future, looking for a new life space. Houses, just like people, feel like we're treating them, and the thoughts of moving can disrupt your energy connection to the house where you still live. The house may even offend you by feeling that you've been paying him less attention and energy. Because many people knowing about the upcoming move will no longer want to glue behind the wall of the wall or fix the drip.

Of course, with the growing attention to the house you're planning to leave, it's possible to save time and money. But any phenshui master will say that it doesn't have to be done because if the atmosphere at home gets worse, it makes it difficult to show positive changes in your life.

In fact, the birth, appearance and movement of cys is not subject to primitive rules such as " if one place is left, then in...

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