Ekaterinburgh Move

Инфраструктура Екатеринбурга

Office transfer? It's easy! Trust the office move to the professionals. Call us and we'll arrange for the relocation of your office, business or warehouse.

What can we do for you:

  1. Pack your bags into the boxes when you move, using all the necessary packaging material (size boxes, scotch, bubble film, strap). If you want to pack your bags on your own, we'll provide everything we need.
  2. Take the furniture and load it into the car.
  3. Remove the large furniture that doesn't go through the whole doorway, move it and reset it in your new house.
  4. If necessary, we can provide it with a specialist to disable computers and office equipment and connect in a new location.
  5. In a new location, after we move, we'll put your furniture and equipment at the right place.

How do we arrange a move to the office:

  1. We'll meet you before we move, and we'll make a list of furniture and things for transport.
  2. Good office move starts with good planning. That's why we're gonna make a full list of everything that's going to be moved first. This service is free.
  3. Prepare your personal plan, how to proceed. relocation office and agree on the cost.
  4. Once the list of things has been approved, we're signing a full relocation plan, where all the details of the move are detailed, where, what, office time and who. The plan includes final value.
  5. The office move and need something extra? Any special requirements? It's not a problem. We can offer a carpenter to collect heavy transport boxes. You need a clinic after we move? Organize!
  6. Pack your things. We can pack all of your things and prepare them for moving with an infinite servitude, compactness and high speed. All boxes are marked, and you can find the right things at the end of the office move.
  7. New Green Packaging♪ We'll take a picture of every job in the office, and after your home office moves, we'll unpack your stuff and put them right in your place.
  8. Do your colleagues want to pack everything on their own? We'll bring everything we need to pack your stuff and tell us how to do it.
  9. We'll take extra boxes with us in case you forgot to pack. We also have trash bags in our arsenal if you find things you don't want to move to a new location during the office move.
  10. About half an hour before the move. We shall ensure that your property is as safe as possible: cover the floors of the fries or polyethylene film to avoid scratches; protect the angles of the doors from damage; start the removal of large furniture; protect the furniture from damage; pack the electronics and equipment (when necessary, our office will help turn off your specialist).
  11. We'll work, and you'll watch the show.
  12. After loading the car, we'll go to the destination and prepare it for the start of the unloading:

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