Freight Trucks At The Office


Recently, relocation concerns have traditionally been compared to repairs or fires. A slight damage and even partial disappearance were considered to be acceptable. The relocation of the organization or enterprise further caused a significant loss of working hours.

Gruz-Gorod proposes to arrange an office move with the cargoes, with minimal engagement of the customers. The full range of memorial services is provided by professionally trained professionals at a convenient time for the client. The addresses and requisitions of our Russian affiliates are presented in the section of the Contact.

CityPrice per hour, rub per personMinimum hoursVAT price per hour
St. Petersburg300360
New Russian

♪ At the PPM, with over 8 hours, 250 roubles per hour, 300 roubles with VAT.

  • Minimum order for four hours.
  • Over 10 persons are ordered to pay 10 per cent of the discount.
  • Depending on the region and the number of goods ordered, prices may vary.
  • Permanent clients have a discount.

We also provide packing material for the move (boxes, straps, scotch, bubble film, bags, etc.) and packing services that guarantee security.

The prices for packaging material and packing services are specified separately and subject to the volume of work.

For the relocation of offices, the company provides a special vehicle equipped for the transport of large goods. The firm has a sufficient fleet of transport and cargo vehicles to service several orders on a daily basis.

Let's make it cheap. Office move with cargo regardless

  • Number and condition of goods carried;
  • space height;
  • elevators;
  • dimensions and weights, moving equipment.

Discharges are carried out by means of certified, power-driven devices and industrial alpineism. Fixed furniture and appliances are self-propelled. Of the components and small items in the protective package, we form large cargo areas.

Advantages of the office rebirth in the company of Georgia

By working with us, you get:

  • Safeguarding the property specified in the contract by a separate item on liability;
  • skilled execution of a democratic price order with discounts to permanent customers;
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a.m. and free travel of a specialist to assess and harmonize work arrangements;
  • possibility of night transport;
  • An instant approach to the individual characteristics of each Custodian.

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