What Is Needed To Move To Germany

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Germany ranks fifth in the world in terms of GDP, ranking first among European countries. However, most of the national income comes from service companies, including IT, rather than production. This is the lowest unemployment rate in Europe (4,5%). This attracts a large number of immigrants. Last year, 1, 5 million foreigners came here, 19 per cent more than in 2013. With the influx of refugees this year, the figure will probably be higher. Germany has officially registered more than 200,000 Russians, the eighth largest national diaspora after Turks, Poles, Italians, Greeks, Romanians and Balkans. The Village found out what it was like to learn, work and do business.


A minimum of two years should be taught at Russian university to enter the German university. In Germany, schooling lasts 13 years - those who want to come here immediately after school have to go to college. Sometimes learning needs to know language at an advanced level (to attract it at university courses), but there are many English-speaking programmes. Training in public universities is free of charge, but a sewer fee of Euro100 to Euro300 should be paid.

In order not to be late at the beginning of the school, some will issue a visa to the applicant and have been waiting for a couple of months for admission. In order to obtain a student or abortion visa, it is necessary to provide a visa centre with an admission to school or a confirmation of participation in the competition, documents about the existence of about 8,000 euros for the first time, insurance, and autobiography and motivational letter on why you want to study in Germany. Visa processing takes about a month. Foreign students are granted a residence permit at the time of their studies, and they can be extended for another 18 months to seek employment in the country.

Polina Blinkova, Bumberg: I went to the Baccalaureate in UrGU, and since I was studying German, I decided to try my powers and file documents for a magistrate in Germany. This requires a DaF or DSH test, and a fairly high ball is needed. There is also a need to collect a lot of paper (school certificate, diploma, various certificates, if any, and evidence from the place of work if you have already worked), translate them into German and assure the notary. There's a lot of money to run and pay for.

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