Kiev Cargo Services


The services of the cargo (Kiev) from the Motor-M cargo tax are the best way to move their personal effects at an appropriate price. This approach is beneficial to all parties, as the client can always count on any number of employees and goods have permanent, stable orders. How much is the cargo? Today, standard, hourly handling and handling work is 50 Hrv/h♪ But it should be remembered that this price will be constant if the elevator is present. The phasing-out is paid separately and is between 5 grains/stage per employee. There is also a minimum order, which is calculated as follows: Min. Zach = 2 hours.

For example: How much should we move the refrigerator from "A" to "B"? For logical reasons, two persons must carry such goods. Consequently, cargo services (for two) there'll be 200 Hrv at the price, provided the house has an elevator or you live on the ground floor. When it happens that there is no elevator, every subsequent floor will be five grains for each cargoer. Things with a weight exceeding 100 kilograms are paid at a rate of 1grn/kg, additional. In any case, in order to know the exact cost of transportation, the dispatcher of the cargo taxi should be called and the situation concerning the carriage of goods should be explained. There are many nuances in the work of the cargoes that need to be taken into account.

Despite the apparent simplicity of the work of the cargoes, the following may be divided into:

- Customary (transport of personal effects and objects to 20 kilograms),

- building and utilizer (specialized in demolition of construction materials and building debris),

- Furniture (furniture and construction, which requires engineering abilities and extensive practical experience),

- Casual, whose shoulders can carry incredibly heavy objects (pianino, royals, closets, commercial and industrial equipment, as well as any items exceeding a weight of 100 kg).

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