Nautilus Impilius Relocation


Nautilus Pompilius was founded in the late 1970s by Vyacheslav Butusov and Dmitri Umetekki in Sverdlovsk. Both were students at the time of the Sverdlov Architecture Institute. The group began its presentations by composing well-known Western rock musicians in the dance areas of the home city, gradually introducing them into repertoire and self-employment. The group ' s first record of film appeared in 1982, where several songs were already present, which were then included in the first album, " Travel " . This debut album saw the light in 1983 and the compounds that entered it were influenced by the creativity of the Leed Zeppelin legendary group.

All known versions of the group ' s name were not immediately formed. The original group was referred to as " Al-Babah and 40 robberies " . Later, in 1983, the name was Nautilus, who invented Andrei Makarov, the sound engineer of the band. And two more years later, in 1985, the group received its legal title, Nautilus Pompilius, which was proposed by Ilya Kormillas who joined the group. This expansion of the name was due to the desire to identify a collective among many others who already had the popular title Nautilus. In 1985, a second album, entitled " Invisimka " , markedly altered the group ' s style and searched for a new wave. The accompanying note to the second album provided an explanation of the new name of the group: " The group is named after a holossom, which is beautiful and charming from nature " .


The great popularity and recognition of Nautilus Pompilius won criticisms and ordinary listeners after the new album called Razluka in 1986. At the same time, a celebrity of the group was formed, with military uniforms, mushrooms and exemplary plastics. And after the concerts at the Plenum of the Union of RSFSR Composers and the Rock Festival in 1987 in Novosibirsk, Nautilus Pompilius became a member of the leading rock groups of that time.

The team was able to strengthen the popularity of the listeners by participating in the Lutuanika music festivals in Vilnius, the presentations in Podolsk and the Moscow Rock Panorama. Thanks to the unrepetitive melody, imagination, which persevere in its wickedness of the texts of Ilya Kormiltsev and the charism of Viacheslav Butusov, the country has begun with the nautilusomania fever. The top popularity of Nautilus Pompilius was 1988, during which the group played many concerts across the country and nearby.

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