Transfer Of Warehouse To Key

Assistance to businesses in moving the warehouse is one of the activities of TRANTOR. A professional cabinet brigade with all the necessary equipment will provide skilled services if the customer is required to move the equipment, equipment, other facilities from one warehouse to another. The company ' s staff will provide professional support for this difficult process and will quickly meet the challenges. The Tackell company has a 10-year experience in the area of freight transport. The manager responsible for your project will oversee all organizational work, the evaluator will calculate the cost of the services provided, the lead project will develop and design the step-by-step phases of the entire relocation process. You can be sure that all work is carried out within a specified time frame.

Main advantages of services provided by TRANTOR:

  • Free valuation of relocation costs;
  • A responsible person, the lead project, is attached to the customer;
  • Brigade of professional cables;
  • The availability of quality packaging materials;
  • Assistance in sorting, careful packing of goods, equipment;
  • marking of the goods carried;
  • Developing a service contract;
  • Unaccountable;
  • Ownership of a dedicated vehicle fleet;
  • Safeguarding of property during work;
  • Substantive liability in transport;
  • Provision of warehouses if the new space is not ready to receive the cargo;
  • Work takes place on weekends and holidays.

All warehouse relocation services

TRANTOR ' s experienced technicians are rapidly implementing a full range of work related to the relocation of the warehouse. The assessor will calculate the value of all works. The evaluation of the services to be performed is based on a standard scheme: the company ' s specialist determines the value of the work based on the volume of the goods transferred, the selection of the transport, the equipment involved and the taxi unit involved.

The company offers " key " integrated services and takes over all organizational and preparatory work. The transport of heavy and non-half objects is carried out in accordance with all safety standards and in accordance with the instructions for the operation of equipment. The contract provides for insurance of the goods carried. The transport of goods takes place both in Moscow and throughout Russia. Where necessary, company managers will calculate the cost of shipping services to other regions of the country.

Price relocation services warehouseValue (without VAT), rub.
Warehouse work for a minimum of 8 hours (1 person), rub/h250

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