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Калининград - Рыбная деревня

There are many different people in the forums. Statistics have shown that most of the violations of the law, especially in the form of open insults and inciting inter-ethnic strife, occur in an anonymous manner. The Forum ' s topics, moderators and veterans are therefore assigned the rating protection status given by the R badge. This means that the branch cannot leave comments to anonymous or newly registered users. The minimum rating for these topics is now set at 40. For example, it is sufficient to create one current under discussion or to leave 40 comments. The next day, the user will already have the rating required to participate in the R-techs. Experience has shown that registered users are following their history and are not as recklessly insulted as often happens in anonyms. The administration of the forum is to ensure that the forum does not fall into negative and ruins for meaningful discussion. We are confident that the vast majority of our users support this.

The user ' s retrieval is calculated by the number of his currents, messages, responses to his tops, as well as by other users ' assessment of your messages. The rally is informative and will be taken into account in determining user status, access to some discussions and a number of other functions. The user ' s retrieval is significantly reduced when his messages are removed by the moderator. In each rating forum, its user rating is independent of other forums.

What are the scores for?

Creation of the current: +1 points.
An answer in someone's top: +1.
For every liquor of your comment or toep: +1 points
For every slide of your comment or toep: -1 points
A unique user response in your top: +1 points. The number of responses from the same user in your top is irrelevant, 1 response or 100 replies give the author +1 points.

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