Group Of Requests For Accommodation

Мы проводим квартирный переезд мебели, чтобы наши клиенты смогли избежать хлопот по его организации.Novosel-Perezet Company produces Transport of furniture at acceptable, reasonable prices.

Our specialists will help you move any difficulty. Your property will be delivered to the cottage, the apartment, the office space for the exact duration, unpacked, repaired and installed for their intended locations.

By delivering the equipment to the destination, our professional cargoes will unload and collect the furniture.

As you wish, we will distribute furniture, office equipment in pre-designated locations.

After that, we will salvage and remove all the garbage generated during the relocation process, the package used, together with the representative of the Employer, to examine all the property delivered.

At the end of all the work, the act of surrender is being processed, and the Employer makes a full payment with the representative of our company.

High generosity, professionalism, sensitivity to each of our clients will be a reliable guarantor of the quality of your move, the calm of your property. Furniture transport leaves only nice memories.

3 steps

  • Office call
  • Work evaluation and valuation
  • Conclusion of a treaty
переезд мебели
  • Delivery of packaging material for relocation
  • Special packing for beating items
  • Office equipment packing
  • Training and packing of furniture
  • Marking of items
  • Loading and delivery to new address
  • Loading and delivery to the respective floors
  • Distribution of assets
  • Collection, placement of furniture and office equipment
  • Cleaning of used package
  • Removal of debris from the relocation process

Services moving under key

The relocation services include:

  • occupational packing
  • cleaning and packing of furniture
  • marking of all goods carried
  • loading and unloading (stretched)
  • transport of goods by special transport
  • Delivery to the necessary floor
  • Furniture and interior furniture
  • Cleaning room.

Upon your request, our specialists will develop a detailed plan of accommodation/transport.

Transport of furniture

Order the accommodation - to invite a team of professional cargoes!

Our cargoes will assist in packing all the equipment carried into specialized fastening boxes that retain the original appearance of each item. Using various protective packaging materials, we will protect the delicate and delicate effects of possible damage. Unstandard large cabinets that are not to be disassembled and furniture fragments will be loaded into the vehicle concerned.

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