Cargo Transshipments Of Cargo

Переезд офиса What do you have to do in order? Office move - First, name the number of jobs that are being carried, or just some of the interior items you're going to carry.

One workplace consists of five to six items: table, chair or chair, tumb or part of the closet, computer and one to two document boxes.

Usually, each staff member is jealous of moving him. Workplaceso we're ready to hear and follow up on all your wishes so that you can only be happy to have a cup of coffee on your intact furniture in the new room. We will also need to know the original location of your office and destination so as to correctly draw up the route and give you the cost of ordering the gas and cargo crews. Office furniture

Without packaging and cleaning of furniture cargo services When one workspace is moved, with the availability of freight elevators and the remoteness of the office within 20 mm, without taking into account the rental cost of the vehicle: 1,500r.

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