Motion Of Soap

Is your firm planning an office move to Mouse?

Is there a need to carry out the shipments to the Wetsh?

order a gasoline to be safe and secure?

Firms transporting goods in the market are large. It's just that you want to find professional, quick and self-conscious, moving issues, right?

Our company is making dreams. It doesn't matter what kind of transport you need. We'll do whatever it takes, no matter what.

Every customer, his time, is important to our company, so we're suggesting a solution to the relocation problem at the complex:

- cargo services

- moving things.

- Packaging of goods carried

- The ordering of the gas (Digs) with the driver at any time for any period.

Order a move (offices and apartments) or simply order a gasoline.

Just one call to start moving things to your right place. We're starting to do urgent orders within an hour. If you want to book a truck for a shipment, you'll report it in 24 hours.

Best-Perest is our discount...

Another reason to draw attention to our company is the discount system. It will also save permanent customers and first-time users. We have a special bonus for new clients. You can read all the equity proposals by looking under "


Cost included

Quarterly relocation

with a small number of things and furniture in one area

Car (14 m3) + 2
4 hours

3,990 rubles.

Intersection of the average single-room apartment

Vehicle (18 m3) + 2

4 hours

4,490 roubles.

Packing of things (air and bubble film)


loading into the vehicle



Delivery to the apartment

Partial cleaning/furnishing

2-room intersection

Vehicle (20 m3) + 3
5 hours

7,400 roubles.

3-room intersection

Car(5 tonnes) + 4 cargo

6 hours

11,900 roubles.

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