Where To Buy Cardboard Boxes To Move

Choose the ready packaging from the catalogue.

Among the variety of packing materials, many producers of goods choose hophoro-packing. And it's not an accident. The horro-pack has a number of advantages over a tar of wood or plastic. For example, large cardboard boxes compared to plastics are much easier, cheaper, cleaner. It's easier to deliver them to the enterprise because they're produced in a disfigured manner. When transported, disassembled horrificers occupy much less space than collected.

List the main quality of large cardboard boxes:

  • The strength of the hophrocarton. I mean, cardboard boxes seem very fragile, but they're not. The hophrocarton that makes hophrocorob consists of three or five layers of compressed potatoes.
  • Easy. As stated above, horrificers are strong enough to transport heavy goods. It makes them as good as plastic. However, by ease, they definitely win the PVC package. Hoffocorob weighs three times less than plastic packagings of the same volume.
  • Savings. By buying big boxes, you win at both the price and the cost of transporting them. Thanks to the low cost of raw materials and the low energy intensity of production, horro-package is one of the cheapest packages. Since horticulants are delivered to the consumer in a calibrated form (as flats), you save considerable money for transport costs.
  • Hophrocarton is clean. Good news for those who care about clean nature. Hoffropacking is one of the most environmentally friendly packages. It is completely degraded in the environment, without harming nature. In 2-6 months (depending on conditions and humidity) there will be nothing left at the location where the cardboard box was located. And the pulp processing product is macculature.

Proper and superficial cardboard boxes

Typically, large goods weigh as much as they do. Manufacturers of such products are concerned about the strength of the packaging material. If they keep their products from being horoborated. There's no reason to worry about it. We're making big potato boxes of two kinds of gofrocartone.

  • T-23, T-24 and T-25. It consists of one gofried two flat layers. And the stamps mean density. The higher the mark is the greater the density of the cardboard.
  • Overproof - five-layer P-32 and P-33. It consists of three flat and two gophreated layers. Carton density depends on the mark.

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