Essential Removal


At first glance, the organization of an office move might seem quite challenging. Particularly in the case of the need to transport a large space of 200 to 2,000 jobs. Indeed, more than 200,000 companies move every year in Moscow alone, and only a few leaders know how to work in a new place within a minimum time frame, without reducing the productivity of their employees.

A well-planned move usually takes a few days: on Friday night, your staff pack their personal belongings, and on Monday they start their work in a new place. This will be a reality if you order an office move to the key of a professional muving company. We'll offer you an optimum solution to move, guaranteeing the speed of the work and the security of all assets.

ООО «Открытие Страхование жизни»We provide a full range of services.

Depending on your tasks, we're prepared to provide you with a high level of office move on the key or a range of separate services.

A professional office move is

packaging materials

We're ready to deliver you packing materials for the self-packing and labelling of staff members. This will save time and reduce the cost of the office move.

Московское представительство ПАО «Уралкалий»Operational activities

Thanks to a lot of experience, our own technology, the state of skilled professionals and 24-hour work, we can move the office in Moscow as quickly as possible.

Availability of the Civil Liability Insurance Policy
to Others

Not only to the customers but also to third parties. We guarantee the security of business centre offices (doors, walls, floor cover, elevator cabs).

How much is the office cost? relocation to Moscow

In calculating the cost, we take into account:

  • The volume and characteristics of the equipment being carried are the dimensions and material of furniture (prefabricated or whole/blade furniture, glass surfaces), heavy items (softs, metal closets, server cables);
  • The schedule and conditions of work - for how many days it is necessary to move to a new office, during which hours work can be performed (day or evening hours, weekends) and location, access routes and elevators.

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