Our company organizes an office move to a new location, sets up furniture and equipment on a designed and agreed project. During transport, office furniture is carefully packed to avoid damage and loss of minor parts.

Very often, rental facilities have to move from one location to another. Removal, like any other one, has many difficulties. First of all, it is necessary to hire people who pack furniture and equipment, load and unload it, find the necessary car and take into account a number of nuances. All of this requires a lot of material costs and that the most important thing is a lot of time. The best in this case will be the company that will take up the office move on its own.

We've been working on St Petersburg's market for a long time, and we've been able to win a crystally clean reputation. Many companies, during their relocation, were approaching us, and of course we were satisfied with the quality of our services and our price policy. Our specialist will come to you, make a visual inspection and announce the full cost of moving.

We have all the necessary equipment, equipment, transport and packaging materials to make the office move as smooth as possible. We'll only deal with him in one or two days and then you'll get an office in a state of work. Besides, you don't have to hire people to clean up trash and packaging materials, all this will be done by our staff.

You may not worry about the integrity of equipment, documents and office equipment. We'll bring them in safe and sound, none of the things will be broken or broken, the documents folder, and in no case will be broken.

If you're about to have an office move, you don't have to do it on your own. Call our dispatcher back, and he'll tell you about all the nuances of our work, help you get a proper transport and specify the time of the move. We are a leader in the domestic freight market, both for small and long distances, so we are happy to solve all your problems.

Order a low-cost office move to St. Petersburg (spá) and Leningrad.tel:(812) 920-44-34.

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