Red Yard Cargo Services

Услуги грузчиков в Красноярске

Crassus has been working for over 13 years in the area of office and accommodation and freight traffic in Krasnoyarsk. But if you only have to do loading and unloading work, we are ready to offer the services of the cargo.

Our cargo service is represented by 10 brigades, with a total strength of about 150. These are experienced workers who can and know how to deal with a closet or a trade bar. 'Cause they've had this sort of thing and know what to do. With ours. moving goods It won't last all day if it wasn't foreseen in advance. If necessary, we use special equipment and tools.

Passenger services for easy relocation

Relocation is an already difficult exercise to make it more difficult. And moving things from the apartment to the cargo car is hardly easy. Especially if things happen a lot, and they'll be heavy, uncomfortable items - 200-litre, piano, big mirrors, non-gabarity furniture. Of course you can ask for the help of strong friends and relatives. Such a decision would seem cost-effective, but just until the assistants drop anything or damage it. Cargo services are more cost-effective in this regard, quickly (no need to overpaid for waiting for a car) and carefully (weather will remain complete) the staff of Crasset will load your things in the car and then unload them in a new location.

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